40 Hadith on the Virtues of La Ilaaha Illallaah


Author: Shaykh Muhammad bin Marzuq ad-Da`jaani
Paperback: 72 Pages
Published: September 2010

From the Publisher: In Tirmidhi, Nisa'ee and in Musnad on the authoritiy of Abdullah bin Amr bin al-Aas, radhiyallaahu 'anhu, who said I heard the Messenger of Allaah - sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam - saying: "Indeed Allaah will single out a man from my Ummah in front of all the people on the Day of Judgement. Ninety-nine scrolls will be unrolled for him; every scroll will stretch as far as the eye can see. Then Allaah will say: Do you deny anything of this? Did the Angels recording your deeds oppress you? So the man will say: No, my Lord. Allaah will say: Do you have an excuse? The man will say: No, my Lord. Allaah will say: Yes, indeed, We have a good deed for you and indeed, there will be no oppression upon you today. Then a card will be brought forth and in it will be: 'I testify that there is none worthy of worship except Allaah and that Muhammad is his slave and his Messenger.' Then Allaah will say: Bring your bad deeds. The man will say: What is this card compared with these scrolls? Allaah will say: Indeed you will not be oppressed. The Prophet continued: The scrolls will be put on one side of the scales and the card will be put on the other side, the scrolls will be light and the card will be heavy, there can be nothing more heavy than the name of Allaah. CD included: The Poem Fadl La Ilaaha Illallaah by the Noble Scholar al-Ameer as-San`aani

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