A Gift to The Sunni In Demolishing The Creed of The Shi'ah

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Author: Shaykh Alee al-Haddaadee
Translator: Aboo Moosa Raha Batts
Softback: 108 Pages
Published: 2012

"We do not unite with them on diety, Prophet, or Imaam. That is because they say their Lord is the One whom Muhammad (sallallaahu 'alayhi wassallam) was His Prophet and his successor after him was Aboo Bakr. We don not say that this is our Lord nor that is our Prophet. Rather, we say that the Lord who the Khaleefah of His Prophet is Aboo Bakr is not our Lord and that Prophet is not our Prophet" Stated by Ni'matullaah Al-Husaynee Al-Jazaa'iree from the Major Scholars of the Raafidah in the book Al-Anwaar An-Nu'maaniyyah

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