A Guide to Islamic Names

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Author: Bashir bin Muhammad bin Abdul Hamid al-Ma'sumi
Publisher: Ad-Dar as-Salafiah (1999)
Pages: 189
Binding: Paperback

Comprehensive introduction to Islamic names. Imported. Discussion includes: Names in general; Names in Islam; Classification of Islamic Names: Ism, Kunya, Nasab, Nisba, Laqab; A father's responsibility in giving good names to his children; Times of naming The Prophet's (peace be upon him) liking of good names and dislike for bad names; Changing of bad names by the Prophet (peace be upon him); Influence of good or bad names; Best names; Worst names; Shari'a's injunction for naming after the kunya of the Prophet (peace be upon him); More than one name; Superstition in nomenclature; Part 2 - Glossary of Names; Names of the Prophet; Excellent names of Allah; Names and attributes of Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him); Names of the wives of the Prophet (peace be upon him); Names of the Sahaba; Names of the Sahabiyat; List of names according to the Arabic alphabetical order; Issues to bear in mind.

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