A History of the Ahlul-Hadeeth - A Study of the Saved Sect and That Is the People of Hadeeth

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Author: al-'Allaamah, Ahmad Ibn Muhammad ad-Dehlawee al-Madanee
Paperback: 172 Pages
Published: December, 2005

Indeed, Allaah, the Most Perfect, has favoured this Ummah with the chain of narration as a distinguishing mark. He has specified this for them, giving them this connection which was not given to those who preceded them from amongst the slaves. With that, in every era, unique Imams and brilliant critics have arisen, where one of them would take great pains in his precision over it, and they strove with excellence. They sought the ways to explain its obscurities and they were successful in achieving that which they intended. That is from one of the miracles of our Prophet (peace be upon him) which he informed us would occur. He supplicated for the one who undertook this speciality and sipped from its spring, for he said, “You will listen and then you will be heard, and they will be heard from those who listened to you.” This specialty, which is continuous throughout the ages, is from amongst the special characteristics of the Companions of the Sunnah and the People of Hadeeth (Ahlul-Hadeeth). With it, they stood a mighty stand and they persisted in the call to it with a mighty persistence. So because of this, their methodology, may Allah have mercy upon their deceased and preserve their living ones, is the methodology of recording the truth which nobody else can uncover and no one can tarnish with any defect.

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