A Piece of Advice & Admonition for the Women

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Author: Shaykh Abdul Razzaq al-Abbaad
Paperback: 127 pages
Published: 2014

It was certainly from the guidance of the Messenger of Allaah to specifically address the women with admonishments and reminders, just as is found in al-Bukhari on the authority of Ibn 'Abbas: "The Messenger of Allaah exited, prayed and then delivered a sermon. Then, he approached the women, admonished them, gave them a reminder and commanded them with charity."

O successful woman, may Allaah fragrance your life with knowledge and Iman, your time with obedience and awareness of Him, and may He beautify your body with a covering modesty.

This is advice that I gift to you, hoping that Allah will benefit you by way of it.

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