Al-Mawrid Junior Illustrated Dictionary

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Author: Dr. Rohi Baalbaki
Paperback: 640 Pages
Published: 2007

This is an advanced dictionary specialized for those learning the English language. The dictionary gives a precise explanation for the most essential words in the English and Arabic languages. It can be used for teaching in schools and colleges, or can be used as a reference in homes and offices. Dr. Rawhi Al-Ba’albki, the compiler of the original Al-Mawrid Arabic-English dictionary, also wrote and revised the Al-Mawrid Picture Dictionary in Arabic. The Dictionary includes more than 4,000 entries of the most important words and terms, where all entries are explained comprehensively and colorfully. The dictionary presents modern, up-to-date definitions. It also provides useful examples that illustrate how the words are used. It has a pronunciation guide which clearly shows how English words are pronounced. It gives parts of speech, plurals, derivations and uses of the words. The dictionary has synonyms and antonyms, and many colored pictures to illustrate the meaning of each word.

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