Allah Forgives Mistakes and Sins


Paperback: 28 Pages
Published: 2002

As it is said "to err is human." We are liable to indulge in sins and make mistakes throughout our lives. We are aware of some of these sins and mistakes but we find it hard to avoid them. There are also some mistakes and sins which we commit and of which we are unaware. Another fact is that the good acts we perform are nullified by some kinds of sins and mistakes which we make. Therefore, the only way to save our good deeds is to ask Allah for forgiveness. No one is able to attain success and enter Paradise on account of his good deeds, unless Allah bestows His mercy upon him. It is a blessing of Allah upon us that He forgives us our sins if we repent and ask His forgiveness. The more we remember Allah and regret our mistakes and sins, the more we get His mercy and His favors. This book is easily understood by children and should be read/taught to them so that they may become used to asking forgiveness from Allah on a regular basis.May Allah guide us all and help us stay firm on the path of righteousness.

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