An-Nasihah Al-Waladiyyah Fatherly Advice

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Author: Abū Walīd al-Bājī
Paperback: 57 pages
Published: 2017

If Allah blesses me with a long life, then there will be many more opportunities for advice teaching, and guidance from me, and my success comes only from Allah. Upon Him alone l rely, and upon Him alone, let those who would rely indeed rely. Your hearts and your heads are in His hands. However, if as I believe is the my time is near, then what I have written here for you both is my last testament and my advice, and if you act upon it, you will be firm upon the manhaj of the Salaf as-salih. You will succeed in the most profitable trade. You will obtain the best of the dunya and the Hereafter. You will be blessed with Allah’s protection in your religion and your dunya. He will guard your life and your return to Him. I entrust all of your affairs to Him, and He is sufficient for me and the best disposer of your affairs.

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