Clear Advice for Benefiting from Islaamic Lectures [Seminars, Conferences]


Author: From a lecture by Shaykh Saalih bin Abdul Azeez Aali-Shaykh
Paperback: 76 Pages
Published: 2008

'O my brother in Islaam! Know that Knowledge is one of the greatest actions which can be performed by a Muslim, and indeed if a person purifies his intention in seeking it, Allaah will make the path to Jannah easy for him. The following are just a few fataawaa (religious verdicts) by some of the senior scholars of our time. The purpose of these fataawaa is to give you some direction in your quest to seek knowledge and preserve it, but before mentioning the fataawaa we would like to mention a few statements of the salaf concerning knowledge and its tremendous merits.

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