Explanation of the Three Principles

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Author: Imaam 'Abdul-'Azeez Ibn Baaz
Paperback: 97 Pages
Published: 2007

This is an important treatise regarding the Islamic Creed authored by Aboo ‘Abdillah al-Imam Muhammad ibn ‘Abdil-Wahhaab bin Sulaymaan bin ‘Alee at-Tameemee al-Hanbalee, the well-known Imam, the Reviver due to what had faded from the milestones of Islam in the second half of the twelfth century-may Allâah have mercy upon him and honor his place of rest. And he-may Allâah bestows His mercy upon him-composed for the students of knowledge and the general people these three principles so that they may learn and memorize them and to instill it in their hearts due to the fact that it is an important principle regarding Islâamic Creed. He passed away in 1206 A.H., was born in 1115 A.H., and lived to be ninety one years old. His was honorable and his life was filled with goodness consisting of inviting to the way of Allâah, teaching, guiding the people, and being steadfast while doing all of this. During his lifetime Allâah saved many of His Servants and the Muslim land and in the Arabian Peninsula (on account of his works), and his Daw’ah (the call to Islâam) spread out of the Arabian Peninsula into Syria, Egypt, Iraq, India and other parts of the world by the callers who took the knowledge from him and conveyed it to those countries and states in addition to the various treatises and books that were spread from him-may Allâah have mercy upon him, his students, his supporters and those callers who succeeded him in inviting to the way of Allâah.

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