Fasting in Ramadhaan as Observed by the Prophet

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Author: Saleem al-Hilaalee & 'Alee 'Abdul-Hameed
Paperback: 114 Pages
Published: 1999 (3rd Ed.)

They have managed to produce an original work, collecting the ahaadeth of the Prophet and the sayings of the Companions, as well as the understanding of the early scholars from over one hundred authoritative sources. Furthermore, they have verified the ahaadeth and brought them together under a number of books. Chapter headings include: Sighting of the Moon , Lailatul -Qadr, Taraaweeh Prayers, Zakaatul -Fitr and Itikaaf. The status of fasting and its place in Islam will become clear to us and also the great reward awaiting the one who fasts seeking the Face of Allah , and how that reward increases or decreases depending on its closeness to the Sunnah of the Messenger, as was indicated by the best of the children of Adam who said: " Perhaps a person will receive nothing from his fasting except hunger and thirst". Therefore, we must know the characteristics of the Prophets fast; its obligatory duties, and its manners and related supplications - and then put that into practice.

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