Fatawa - Essential Rulings for Every Muslim Woman


Author: Various Scholars
Hardback: 308 Pages
Published: May 2004

The book is an obligation to every Muslim, both male and female, to attain knowledge of Islam that is necessary for them in their daily lives. There are many books available on various aspects of Islam in English language, but most of them deal with aspects of general nature. There are many rulings in Islam that are concerned with Muslim women only. It is the job of every Muslim woman to obtain adequate knowledge of what is addressed to her with respect to her religion. All these specific issues relating to Muslim women, have been compiled in the book which is in-between your hands, in the form of questions and answers. Each of the questions presented in it, was addressed to world-renowned scholars, both of our time and those who have passed away. In turn, the scholars answered them in simple language and concise manner, so that Muslim women may increase their knowledge of Islam and, eventually, become closer to their Creator.

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