Fatawaa Concerning Tobacco & Cigarettes

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Author: From the Scholars, Muhammad Aalush-Shaykh, As-Sa'dee, Ibn Baaz
Paperback: 48 Pages
Published: 2000

The colossal devastation of human health caused by tobacco use and smoking in the recent centuries cannot be denied by any sensible person. It is the single most preventable cause of death all over the world causing unmentionable suffering and millions of debts yearly. Yet even today the multinational tobacco corporations refuse to accept the conclusive scientific evidence and continue to selfishly promote their multi billion dollar industry often among those ignorant to the far reaching hazards and health consequences. The Islaamic legal judgments of some of the most eminent scholars - translated here for the first time - prove unequivocally that the use and promotion of all tobacco products is strictly forbidden (haraam) and juristically punishable according to Islaamic law and legal precepts. The lucid, intelligent and legally sound arguments presented countered the feeble claim that tobacco use is merely disliked (makhrooh) and therefore a lesser social evil to be tolerated in our society.

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