Forty Ḥadīth on Islām


Author: Imām Abū Bakr al-Ājurrī
Paperback: 208 pages
Published: 2017

Forty Hadith on Islam: Its Creed, Pillars, Lawful & Unlawful, Piety and Righteousness, with Commentary. A number of scholars throughout Muslim history have penned their respective compilation of Forty Hadith books. Imam al-Ajurri’s Kitab Al-Arba’in Hadithan’ is among the earliest. It is a highly regarded text for Muslims to study and memorise, for it addresses fundamental aspects of religion, with particular focus on Creed, Pillars of Islam, the Halal and Haram as well as Piety and righteousness. Imam al-Ajurri originally compiled this work for the benefit of new Muslims, thus including within it, foundational essentials of the noble Islamic faith. The author may Allah have mercy upon him, has commented on each hadith, presenting the subject matter in a simplified way designed to assist readers in memorising the Prophetic narrations, and implementing what they learn in an easy manner. This refreshing work is a must for Muslims of all levels of knowledge and competency; requiring attention from the young and old. Useful also as a teaching aid in schools, or as ideal gift for new Muslims and those commencing their journey in pursuit of sacred knowledge.

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