How to Protect Yourself from Shaytaan


Author: Dawud Adib
Paperback: 113 Pages
Published: 2011

About this publication:

On the authority of Sabrah ibn Abee Faakih said: I heard the Messenger of Allaah (sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam) saying:

“Indeed Shaytaan sits upon the pathways to Islaam and [with a question loaded with rejection he asks] "Will you embrace Islaam and leave the religion of your father and grandfathers?" The man disobeys [and opposes] him and embraces Islaam. Then he sits in the path of hijrah (migration) and [again a question of rejection], "Will you migrate and leave your land [in which you were born and lived in] and your sky [which you used as a means of protection for all of your life]? [Shaytaan continues his question taunting of discouragement] “A muhaajir [one who leaves the land of disbelief for the land of Islaam] is like a horse in a tether”. [But] the man [again] disobeys him and migrates. Then Shaytaan sits in the path to jihaad and says, "The struggle is with your life and wealth. If you fight you will be killed, your wives will re-marry and your wealth will be distributed." He disobeys him and goes out in jihaad. Whoever does that has a right upon Allaah that He admits him into Paradise. And whoever is killed has a right upon Allaah that He enters him into Paradise."


Introduction VII
i. The Evil of Kufr, Shirk and Enmity towards Allaah and His Messenger X
ii. Bid’ah (Innovation) XI
iii. Major Sins in any of their Various Forms XII
iv. Minor Sins XIII
v. Becoming Busy with the Affairs that are Permissible but without Reward or Punishment XIII
vi. Giving preference to the Lesser Reward XIV
The Title ‘Ash-Shaytaan’ (The Devil) and various other Terms: XVI
Beginning with Your Birth, He is There...Waiting 1
The Goal of Shaytaan 3
How to Deal with Two Devils - Three Verses from the Book of Allaah to Deeply Ponder - 11
Protecting Yourself from Shaytaan 17
Protection by Statements 17
1. Remembrance (Dhikr) of Allaah 17
2. Saying ‘Laa ilaaha illallaah wahdahu laa shareeka lah, lahul-Mulk 
wa lahul-Hamd wa huwa ‘alaa kulli shay’in qadeer’ 18
3. Reciting the Last Two Suwar of the Noble Qur’aan; 
Sooratul-Falaq and Sooratun-Naas 19
4. Reciting Aayatul-Kursee 21
5. Reciting the Second Chapter of the Qur’aan; Sooratul-Baqarah 32
6. The Last Two Verses of Sooratul-Baqarah 33
7. When Entering the Toilet (where one relieves himself) 35
8. When you are Angry 35
9. Directly before entering your Wife for Sexual Intercourse 35
10. When Hearing a Donkey Bray 35
11. Directly before you Begin to Read the Qur’aan 36
12. After you have begun to Pray 36
13. After the Nidaa’ (Call to Prayer) 37
Protection by Actions 39
1. After you have begun to Pray 39
2. Bringing the Family Indoors at the Beginning of the 
Nightfall (Dusk) 41
3. Restraining your Yawning by any of the Prescribed 
Methods 42
4. Sniffing Water Three Times into the Nostrils after Sleeping throughout the Night 43
5. Performing Prayer in the Dwelling Area of the Camels 43
6. Performing Ablution after Eating Camel Meat 43
7. What you should do in Your Prayer when Receiving ‘Messages’ from Shaytaan, your avowed open Enemy 46
8. Do not turn to the Right or Left while you are Praying to Protect Yourself from Shaytaan’s Pilfering 47
9. Your prostration to Allaah repels Shaytaan 47
10. Saying the name of Allaah before Beginning the Meal and Eating and Drinking with your Right Hand 48
11. Protecting your Home and Food from Shaytaan 
Participating in them 49
12. Upon saying the Basmalah (Saying the Name of Allaah) 49
13. When you say “Bismillaah, Allaahumma Janibnus-Shaytaan was Janibish-Shaytaana maa Razaqtna” (In the Name of Allaah, ‘O Allaah! Make us Distant from Shaytaan and make Shaytaan distant from what you bestow upon us) 50
14. Regarding a Morsel of Food that Falls to the Ground 55
15. Repenting and Seeking Allaah’s Forgiveness 55
16. Giving and Receiving anything with the Right Hand and 
not the Left 56
17. Ridding your house (if you can) of any type of bells 57
Having Knowledge will Help Protect You from Shaytaan 59
How Shaytaan Enters into Your Marital Life 61
Ar-Rabt (Binding) 63
Al-Mani (Barricading) 65
At-Taballud (Insensitivity) 66
An-Nazeef (Bleeding) 67
Al-Insidaad (Obstruction) 67
At-Taghweer (Vacantness) 67
Protection from Shaytaan before Your Time of Death 71
Epilogue 75

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