Imam Sa'eed bin Al-Musayyab


Author: Salaahud-deen 'Ali Abdul-Mawjood
Hardback: 201 Pages
Published: August 2006

This book is a biography of the chief of At Tabiieen and the leader of the Muslims in his time Imam Saieed bin Al Musayyab - may Allah have abundant mercy upon him. Scholars have made an elaborate mention of him and historians have written extensively about this rightly guided Imam. Yet all of them felt that they have not given this distinguished personality the mention he rightly deserved. Imam Saieed bin Al Musayyab was one of the pious and the righteous men. The book has focused on private and public aspects of the life of the scholar, such as his characteristics, manners, etiquettes, knowledge, religiosity and worship.

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