Important Lessons for Ramaḍān


Author: ʿAbd al-Razāq al-Badr
Paperback: 306
Published: 2017

30 Daily Lessons for the Blessed Month of Ramadan
Shaikh Abdur-Razzaq Al-Abbad
Verily from the great blessings of Allah upon His servants is that He has given them numerous seasons to performs acts of worship in which there are many acts of obedience, offenses are cancelled, sins and evil deeds are forgiven, good deeds are multiplied, mercy descends and magnificent gifts are granted. Indeed, from the best of these seasons and most noble with Allah is the blessed month of Ramadan. In this beneficial treatise, the Shaykh discusses many beneficial topics, some of which are as follows:

Welcoming the Month of Ramadan
The Excellence of the Fast
Preservation of Time in Ramadan
The Importance of the Remembrance of Allah
The Excellence of the Qur’an
Ramadan is the Month of Patience
Ramadan is the Month of Repentance
The Significance of the Prayer in Ramadan
The Last Ten days of Ramadan
Giving Zakah and Spending in Charity
What is after Ramadan?
Points of Reflection on the Day of Eid

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