Manners of Welcoming the New Born Child in Islaam

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Paperback: 125 Pages
Published: 2002

Islam has provided a comprehensive code of conduct for every class and age group of the society. It takes a keen interest in good upbringing of the children and urges parents and elder members of the family to pay due attention to inculcate religious values in the mind of a child from the time o f his birth. This book deals with all o f those duties parents are required to do with their children. Rules and regulations concerning the aqiqah and the naming ceremony, circumcision etc. are explained in detail. All the information is taken from the authentic prophetic traditions and arguments are based on valid, strong evidence. The book was written originally in Arabic by a learned scholar, Yusuf B.Abdullah al-Arifi from Saudi Arabia, and now it is presented in the English version. The book is useful for every Muslim parent and is a good source to learn the regulations laid down by Islam concerning every aspect of a child's development.

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