Parables from the Qur'aan


Author: Imaam 'Abdur-Rahmaan Ibn Naasir as-Sa'dee
Paperback: 58 Pages
Published: April, 2005

Before you O reader, are ten parables from the Qur'aan wherein our Lord and Creator, the One Alone deserving of our worship, has revealed parables by which we may be guided to His worship and servitude and warned against associating partners in worship alongside Him. He, the Most High, has stated: "See you not how Allaah sets forth a parable?.." The parables are explained by Imaam As-Sa'dee in a manner that causes one to reflect and one's Eemaan to be strengthened and increased. As Imaam As-Sa'dee, may Allaah's Mercy be upon him, states: "So giving parables which show concepts in the light of physical examples enables the meaning which Allaah intended to become fully clear and apparent." We pray that Allaah, the Most High, brings about benefit by way of this beautiful explanation of Imaam As-Sa'dee.

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