The Abridgement of The Prophet's Prayer Described

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Author: Imaam Muhammad Naasirud-Deen al-Albaanee
Paperback: 50 Pages
Published: 2011

I also gave particular attention to explaining some phrases occurring in some of the narrations and the adhkaar (words of remembrance of Allaah). I also provided major headings for each section, and also sub-headings for further clarification. Under these I quoted the points under discussion, numbered consecutively. Alongside each issue I quoted the ruling: whether it is a pillar (rukn) or an obligation (waajib). As for those matters about which I remained silent and did not mention a ruling, then they are from the Sunnah, and some of them carry the possibility of being declared obligatory–however stating one or the other with certainty would conflict with what is befitting from scholarly research ..."

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