The Clarified Ruling of Mistakes done in Salat

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Author: Mashhur Hasan Al Salman
Hardback: 465 Pages
Published: 2007
From the introduction.

This book discusses many mistakes that are commonly committed by praying Muslims. The authenticity of some of which is not established; on the contrary they are mere innovations. And others are some optional or obligatory acts that are not done in their proper positions or in the appropriate manner. No doubt that plotting away false beliefs and misconceptions from peoples' minds and hearts by establishing truth instead, is one of the greatest paths of calling to that which is good [i.e. calling to Allâh].


Consequently, Salât, should be observed with great care; pure from any innovated acts and violations of its rules which the ignorants do. Due to all of this and due to the necessity of guiding those who are ignorant amongst the Muslims and due to the obligation which Allâh enjoined on us, namley to enjoin what is good and forbid what is evil, due to all these things, this book was authored.

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