The Decisive Word Regarding the Ascension of Jesus

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Author: Dr. Muhammad ibn Khaleel Harraas
Paperback: 112 Pages
Published: 2013

Ibn Abee Hatim said: “We were informed by Ahmad bin Sinaan, we were informed by Abu Muawiyyah, on the authority of Al-‘Amash, on the authority of Al-Minhaal bin ‘Amr, on the authority of Saeed bin Jubair, on the authority of Ibn Abbaas who said, “At the time that Allah wanted to raise Jesus to the heavens, Jesus came out to his companions and in the house there were twelve men from the disciples. Jesus entered upon them from a well in the house while water dripped from his head. Then he said [to them], “Indeed, from you are those who will disbelieve in me twelve times before believing in me. “ Then he said, “Which one of you will my likeness be placed upon, be killed in my place, and be on level with me?” One of the youngest boys among them stood up. Jesus said to him, “Sit down.” After that, Jesus repeated [the same request] to them, and the same boy stood up. Jesus said to him, “Sit down.” Jesus repeated [the same request] to them, and the same boy stood up and said, “I will.” Jesus said, “You will be the one.” Therefore, the young man was given Jesus’ likeness, and Jesus was raised from a small window in the house to the heavens.” Ibn Abbaas said, “Then the demand [for Jesus] from the Jews came. So the Jews seized the one resembling Jesus, killed him, [and] then crucified him. Consequently, some of the disciples disbelieved in Jesus twelve times after believing in him.

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