The Effects of Fitan

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Author: ʿAbd al-Razzāq al-Badr
Paperback: 45 pages
Published: 2014

He who does not know Fitan; and does not ‎know its effects, outcomes and ‎commonalities perhaps he will fall into ‎some of it and be stained with it, and it ‎will cause harm to his life; then after that ‎what reached him of regret overtakes him. ‎

Knowing the effects of Fitan serves as a ‎great benefit for the servant, and is useful ‎to him as a tremendous benefit because it ‎is from examining outcomes and ‎consequences of matters. ‎

This is considered to be from the servant’s ‎sound judgment. Meaning, that before he ‎embarks upon an affair he examines its ‎outcome and effects. Because of this it is ‎mentioned in the Seerah of Imam Ahmad, ‎may Allaah have mercy upon him, that a ‎group of scholars from Baghdad came to ‎him, may Allaah have mercy upon him, in ‎his house and said, ‎

‎ O’ Aba ‘Abdillah, this matter has ‎indeed become serious and spread—‎meaning proclaiming openly the ‎statement that the Quran is created, ‎and so forth—so Abu ‘Abdillah said to ‎them, “What do you want? They said, ‎‎“That we seek your counsel ‎concerning that we are not pleased ‎with his command and authority! So ‎Abu ‘Abdillah debated with them for ‎an hour, and he said to them, “It is ‎obligatory upon you to deny it with ‎your hearts and do not remove your ‎hand from obedience (to the ruler), ‎do not rebel against the Muslims, do ‎not shed your blood nor the blood of ‎the muslims along with you. Analyze ‎the outcome of your affair and be ‎patient until a righteous person is ‎relieved or relief is given from a ‎wicked person.”‎

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