The Evils of Music: The Devil’s Voice & Instrument


Author: Ibn al-Qayyim
Paperback: 130 pages
Published: 2017

From the plots of the Shaytan and his traps which he uses to influence those who possess only a small share of knowledge, intellect, and religion-and with this he captures the hearts of the ignorant and the people of falsehood -is listening to whistling (al-muka), clapping (at-tasdiyyah),and singing accompanied by instruments, which are forbidden, that turns the hearts away from the Qur’an and causes them to become preoccupied with disobedience and transgression.

So it is the Qur’an of the Shaytan and the dense barrier that keeps people from the Most Merciful…Through it, the immoral lover entices his lover to the very limits of their desires. With it, the Shaytan deceives the astray souls and makes it seem good to them through scheming and delusion. He inspires within them baseless doubts to justify its “goodness” and his suggestions are accepted; because of this, it causes the Qur’an to become abandoned.

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