The Explanation of the Comprehensive Worship Exclusively for Allah Alone

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Author: Shaykh Dr. Muhammad Sa'eed Al-Raslaan
Translator: Abdullah Adam
Paperback: 88 pages
Published: 2012

The Scholar, Imam Muhammad Bin Abdul-Wahhab. May Allah have mercy upon him said: “When it is said ”What is the comprehensive worship for Allah alone”? He said “Obeying Him by conforming to His commands and warding off things He has forbidden.” And when it is said “What are the kinds of Ibaadah (worship) which are not allowed to any one besides Allah”? I said: Among those kinds are: 1. Dua'a (Invocation) 2. Isti'anah (Asking for help) 3. Istigatha (Seeking help) 4. Zabh (Sacrifice) 5. Nazr (Vow) 6. Khauf (Fear) 7. Raja (Hope) 8. Tawakkul (Trust)

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