The Garden of the Wise and the Meadow of the Virtuous

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Author: Abū Ḥātim ibn Ḥibbān
Paperback: 157 pages
Published: 2017

A Classical Work That Clarifies The Praiseworthy Qualities That The Believer Should Strive To Possess And The Reprehensible Characteristics From Which The Believer Should Flee

Ibn Ḥibbān (d. 354 AH) stated concerning this classical work:

“I clarify in this book that which will beautify for the wise person the practice of praiseworthy characteristics and make the practice of reprehensible characteristics seem ugly while intending to refrain and abstain from persistently increasing in these bad qualities, to lighten the load for the bearer and enlighten the ear of the listener. And because of the various narrations and verses of poetry that will be mentioned in this book, the one who strives to study each chapter in depth will wish that they would never end. And whoever refuses to reach completeness and success is, in reality, accepting inadequacy. Allāh is the Granter of success and the Guider to integrity. And I ask Him for rectification of the soul and a pardon from punishment of sins. Indeed, He is the Most Generous, Noble, Compassionate, and Merciful.”

The author bases this work upon what is found in the Qur’ān and authentic Sunnah, and upon the statements of the Salaf of this nation.

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