The Greater Understanding

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Author: Sheikh, Dr Saleh Ibn Fawzaan Ibn Abdullah Al-Fawzaan
Paperback: 53 pages
Published: 2013

He who does not seek to understand Allah's Religion, neither giving it any importance nor striving to seek knowledge, is an individual who has been deprived from much good. This is because it is impossible for an individual to truly worship Allah, upon the true meaning of His worship, in the manner that is pleasing to Him, except by understanding His Religion and by performing acts of worship in the manner Allah has legislated. Likewise, it is impossible for an individual to perform acts of worship in the legislated manner except by seeking understanding of Allah’s Religion. As a result, it is impossible for the actions of one who performs deeds and worships Allah without understanding to be firmly established upon a correct foundation, and it is highly likely that all, if not most of his actions are misguidance. So based on this, we recognise the importance of understanding Allah's Religion, that it is an issue of vital importance, and that it is required of a Muslim to attain understanding of Allah’s Religion, rather than remaining upon ignorance and error by not knowing how to worship Allah, or how to practice the obligations which Allah has made binding upon him.

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