The Guaranteed Path Towards Redemption and Rectification For The Incarcerated Muslim


Author: Various
Paperback: 131 pages
Published: 2014

In this unique work, the incarcerated Muslim comes face to face with the everyday lives of the pious predecessors and those great scholars who trod their path and succeeded them in goodness up to this era. This book is much more than just a compilation of rulings and verdicts, instead it is a special treatise which enlightens the incarcerated Muslim on how to go about his daily life in while in prison, instructs him how to mend his past, steers in the direction of positive future and better tomorrow. The adornment of the book is its unique and unprecedented style which allows the reader to lift up the curtain and actually look into the lives of the Salaf and see how they actually lived on a day to day basis, along with enabling the reader to rest in the pleasant shade of their wise statements and golden pieces of advice in some of the most important spheres of live and worship of Allah, the Sublime and Exalted. Accented by the intriguing tales of the trials and tribulations of Imam Ahmad, then the soothing morals and benefits from imprisonment of Ibn Taymiyyah, all topped off by the closet real life example to our time, the brief but beneficial story of the imprisonment of Shaykh Naasirud-Deen al-Albaanee, may Allah have mercy on them all. Prison (jail) inmates will take benefit from this book, and insha'Allah it will help them in their reformation and healing.

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