The Legality Of Performing the Prayer In Shoes

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Author: Muqbil Ibn Haadee al-Waadi'ee
Paperback: 72 pages

Said Imaam Muqbil Ibn Haadee al-Waadi'ee (d.1421H), "Indeed, there are a lot of the Sunan that many of the people are ignorant of and have therefore abandoned. Furthermore, they have become resentful towards whoever acts upon them and strives to revive them, then they accuse him of vast deviation. From amongst these Sunan is performing the Prayer whilst wearing shoes, since a large number of narrators have reported that the Prophet performed the Prayer in his shoes. Due to this, I decided to compile some of the ahaadeeth regarding the legality of performing the Prayer whilst wearing shoes. And Allaah is the Grantor of success to that which is correct and to Him is the return."

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