The Methodology of the Prophets in Calling to Allaah

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Author: Rabee' al-Madkhalee
Paperback: 252 pages
Published: February 1997

The Methodology of the Prophets in Calling to Allaah - That is the Way of Wisdom and Intelligence - By Shaykh Rabee' Ibn Haadee al-Madkhaalee Paperback: 251 Pages Published: 1990's Calling to Allaah is a very great honour which is not reached through ease, response and love of relaxation. It is not reached except through beneficial knowledge, righteous action, deep understanding and careful following of the way of the Prophets in calling to Allaah. In this book Shaykh Rabee' ibn Haadee al-Madkhalee explains in detail the methodology of the Prophets in their call to Allaah. In it, he answers those questions which face every caller to the faith who wishes to follow the footsteps of the Prophets: What should his call begin with? What should he concentrate on? And what is the goal of his da'wah to Allaah? The author then compares the methods of the Prophets with the different methodologies employed by various contemporary da'wah groups and movements that have arisen in our time and highlights the stark contrasts between these new, innovated methodologies and the pure and perfect Prophetic way. This book is an important guide for all those active in the field of da'wah, giving them an insight into the methodology of da'wah which the Prophets employed and how it is a divine and precise methodology which leaves no room for personal opinions, experimentation or individual inclinations.

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