The Numerous Mistakes Regarding the Hajj of the Improperly Covered Muslim Women

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Author: Abu Nasr Muhammad Ibn 'Abdillah Al Imam
Paperback: 148 pages
Published: 2012

Muslim sister you must come to understand that everything that has been mentioned regarding the dangers of at-Tabarruj (the outward display of a woman's beautification), in addition to the evidences concerning the obligation of adhering to the legislated veil and head covering coupled with its benefits and conditions, all of this commonly applies during pilgrimage season or out of the pilgrimage season. Indeed, trials result when a woman displays her outer beauty during pilgrimage or in any other place. And the necessity urgently requires repentance, rectification, virtue, and chastity. The basis within the divine legislation is generally applied to every place and time, and to every situation and outcome. The situation, location or time is not excluded from this magnificent principle unless there is legislated evidence that indicates otherwise. The issue surrounding the obligation of the legislated veil and head covering is from one of the established issues (of the religion) as you are aware of. That is because it is from the greatest of those categories concerning manners, chastity, and modesty. And the issue surrounding at-Tabarruj (the outward display of a woman's beautification such as the hair, face, bosom, legs, behind, etc.) is from one of the many established issues in regards to its prohibition. That is because it leads to corruption and immorality within the Ummah (Islâmic nation) regardless of time frame, location, or situation.

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