The Obligation of the Servant when Allah Commands Him with a Command

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Author: Shaykh Dr. Muhammad Sa'eed Al-Raslaan
Translator: Abu Abbaad
Paperback: 110 pages
Published: 2012

The Obligation of the Servant when Allah Commands him with a Command By Shaikh-ul-Islam Muhammad Ibn Abdul Waahab Explained by Shaikh Muhammad Sa’eed Raslaan

Is an excellent read regarding the matters that are obligatory upon the servant to know in regards to his religion and it consist of seven levels which are as follows:

•Knowledge of it (i.e. the command)
•Loving it
•The determination to act by it
•Implementation of it
•It is to be placed upon legislative sincerity and correctness
•It is to be aware from the action not bearing its fruits
•Being firm upon it

Shaikh Muhammad Sa’eed Raslaan explains these levels in these small treaties in a beautiful manner which is comprehensive for the student as well as for the layman. With short chapters that which will bring benefit without overwhelming the reader, excellent book for anyone’s library.

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