The Ruling of Sorcery, Fortune-Telling and Related Issues

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Author: Shaykh 'Abdul-'Azeez Ibn Baaz

Paperback: 112 Pages

Published: 2006

The reason I (the translator) chose to translate this work is its ability to shed light upon this topic as an issue of Tawheed. It also elaborates upon the urgent need of every individual Muslim to learn how to fortify his/her heart with the remembrances prescribed by the Qur’aan and the Authentic Sunnah. The book focuses upon five main topics: - The ruling from the standpoint of Islaamic Legislation regarding the practice of sorcery, fortune-telling, and soothsaying; as well as how Islaam views any utilization of its practitioners, as advisors and doctors. - The enormous harm that these practices pose to individual Muslims, as well as the whole Muslim nation (Ummah). - The treatise gives insight into how Muslims can take preventive steps against being affected by sorcery and curative steps in the event one has all ready been afflicted by this evil. - This treatise contains a refutation by Shaykh ibn Baaz using the Book and the Sunnah against those who deny the reality that the Jinn have the ability to aggravate, possess, or even kill human beings, by the permission of Allaah. - The book’s final focus is a small collection of Fataawaa issued by Shaykh ibn Baaz that deals with the subject of sorcery, soothsaying, and fortune telling...

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