The Three Treatise


Author: Shaykh Saalih al-Fawzaan
Paperback: 158 pages
Published: 2014

"It is befitting that we exert ourselves in learning and teaching this book to the masses, as well as the women and children inside the homes. Each is to be address according to his/her level. Our Scholars (may Allah have mercy upon them) would painstaking learn and teach these 'Three Fundamental Principles'. Rather, they would make it binding upon their students to instruct the people after every fajr prayer to learn and preserve these principles. This is no doubt, the goal of everyone desiring good and who want good for the believing servants of Allah. The knowledge of these three principles is from the greatest means for the believers to obtain good - which for them this good will save them at the time the two angels (munkar & nakir) will question each servant in his grave; and if the servant answer correctly he will live afterward in bliss and happiness. And if his answer is not correct he will live afterward - refuge is sought with Allah - in pain, misery and torment."

Shaykh Saalih Aali Shaykh.

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