Until The Sun Rises From The West: Reflections on The Stories of Repentance and Forgiveness

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Author: Abul-Hasan Malik Ibn Adam
Paperback: 183 pages
Published: 2015

One of the weapons forged against the onset of Shaytan and his troops is sincere Tawbah. The Prophet (may Allah raise his rank and grant him peace) stated: "Whoever repents before the sun rises from the West, Allah will accept his repentance." This narration, and a myriad of others with similar meaning, serves as an admonition for all who hear, see and give thought; remembering that perfection is for Allah alone. As for the created nature of the children of Adam, then it is indeed flawed, in need of Allah's Mercy. Thus, we must be ever-mindful of this need and heedful of the fact that nothing comes between the slave of Allah and Tawbah, no matter how grave the sin. It is, therefore, our sincere hope and prayer that these stories of repentance encourage all who read them to turn from transgression to contrition, earnestly seeking the Pardon and Forgiveness of al-Rahman.

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